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Exciting news which will affect your Crystal pension

After an in-depth due diligence process the Crystal Trustee has made an agreement with Smart Pension to merge Crystal into the award-winning Smart Pension Master Trust.

A robust plan is in place with the aim of moving your retirement savings around July 2024 and we will keep you updated on the progress of this during the coming months.

Your pension contributions will continue to be paid to Crystal for the time being and you will have all your normal Crystal benefits and access to the usual support including use of the online system evoLink.

More details will be made available here throughout the process and we will contact you to let you know when new information is added.

By ensuring we have your correct details you will never miss out on important information about your Retirement Savings, including when it is time to think about planning for your future. If you need to change these details, head to to submit your details.

Terms of use

Before you complete your personalised quotation using evoRetire, please confirm you understand the following terms of use:

  • You have assessed your Retirement Savings and decided that the Drawdown options available in Crystal are appropriate for your needs.
  • You are aware that any income-paying Drawdown option available in Crystal aims to provide income over a set period or even a lifetime, but this is not guaranteed.
  • The information provided within evoRetire is not advice, if you feel you would like to seek advice prior to making a decision please see our page on the importance of advice.
  • The income you receive from any Drawdown option available in Crystal may go up as well as down and there are no guarantees.
  • evoRetire provides a quotation of the possible Drawdown options available in Crystal. The actual benefits payable and final details will be confirmed to you by written communication from the Evolve Administration Team.
  • The quotations provided assume you do not have any transitional protection in place whereby you have protected the value of your Retirement Savings from tax charges.
  • You can change your chosen Crystal Drawdown option or transfer out at any time without financial penalty (subject to a minimum of the first year’s administration fee being met, currently 0.75% of your fund invested in Aqua, Jade, Onyx, Ruby and 0.50% for Opal).
  • The amounts shown by the evoRetire are estimates based on current factors and the information you have provided. You are aware that we do not have access to any other financial information and cannot confirm if the recommended option is suitable based on your wider financial situation.