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What Do I Pay?

Your Employer has defined the rates of standard contributions* that you both will pay, along with the pay basis on which they are calculated. Crystal operates a ‘net-pay’ arrangement meaning that your contributions are taken out of your earnings before they are taxed.  Head to our page on Tax Relief to learn more.

Once both you and your Employer’s contributions are deducted, your Employer will forward payment to us and we will invest it in either the default fund or your self-selected fund(s).

You can monitor your contributions and current fund value on evoLink.

The percentage of contributions you pay may increase over time in line with legislative minimums, details of which will be sent by email to you in advance of any change.

*For further information about your standard contributions please contact your Employer or the Administration Team.

There is a small charge to cover the cost of the administration of Crystal, together with an investment charge depending on the fund you are invested in.