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Pensions Are Evolving, and So Are We

In the darkness of Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa perhaps one million years ago, our ancestors lit a fire.

This seemingly small event is now regarded as a key step in human development because it gave our ancestors access to instant warmth, cooked food and new technologies.

Today, of course, you don’t have to knock two stones or rub sticks together to light a fire. You can do it at the strike of a match or the push of a button—day or night. That’s evolution in action.

Pensions too have evolved since the soldiers of the Roman Imperial Army paraded alongside Hadrian’s Wall and dreamt of the praemia (pension) they’d receive for 25 years of military service.

And BlueSky Pensions has been changing and innovating since the day we first opened for business. Our range of services has expanded and so has the number of clients that we serve.

It’s why we’ve chosen a name that reflects who we are and what we offer. A name that reflects our commitment to continue to innovate and improve the services we provide. It’s why we have become Evolve Pensions.

As Jessica Rigby, Evolve Pension’s Director of Strategy, explains in this video, our new name shows that we are expanding what we do.

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