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Exciting news which will affect your company’s participation in Crystal

After an in-depth due diligence process the Crystal Trustee has made an agreement with Smart Pension to merge Crystal into the award-winning Smart Pension Master Trust.

This will mean you and your employees will continue to have access to a high-quality pension arrangement with excellent value but with amazing new membership benefits which are detailed at

A robust plan is in place to move all members’ retirement savings to Smart Pension during 2024, but we will keep you updated on this progress in the coming months.

In the meantime, Crystal will continue to run exactly as it does now and you and your employees will continue to have all the normal Crystal benefits and access to the usual support, including use of the online system evoLink.

More information about this change is available at

The Benefits of Tighter Authorisation and Supervision

From October 2018, multi-employer Master Trust pension arrangements will face tighter authorisation and supervision than ever before.

That’s because from then on new and existing Master Trusts will have to prove to The Pensions Regulator (tPR) that they meet five criteria to be granted authorisation to operate.

Those trusts that don’t meet the criteria will be required to wind up and transfer their members to another scheme.

Now tighter regulations can have either a positive impact on growth or a negative one. In this case, it’s expected to have a positive effect on the growth of the Master Trust market and its clients, even if it means the demise of some existing trusts.

Change, in this case, will be good. The changes Evolve Pensions have undertaken recently will be of benefit to its clients too, according to Alice Moloney, Evolve Pensions’ Head of Marketing and Communications.

As Alice explains in this video, the launch of Evolve Pensions has allowed it to separate the company from the many products and services it provides.

She reveals more of the benefits you can expect from Evolve in this short video.

If you need help or would like to discuss any issue that this video series raises, please contact us now.

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