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Responsible Investment

We believe that abiding by Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) guidelines gives the potential to add value when integrated into the investment process for long-term investors and specifically, we believe it helps control risk.

Following a review of the funds available to Members, the Trustee implemented a change to ensure that the Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) Lifestyle strategy have a much improved ESG score. In addition to the Lifestyle strategy, all other funds including the Target Date Funds and self-selected range have been fully assessed for ESG considerations and the Trustee continue to work with the Investment Managers to ensure they are suitable for Members’ retirement savings.

The Trustee maintains a close relationship with the Investment Managers to ensure its instructions are being accurately reflected and frequently request updates to see how the position has improved over time.

The Trustee continues to improve the ESG rating of funds with a focus on exploring a wholly ESG centred fund available to Members as a self-select option.

Read the Climate-related financial disclosures report here.

Target of 3% above inflation

Risk Rating

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Lifestyle has been designed to automatically manage Members’ investments and gradually reduce risk from age 50 up to 75.

This strategy is intended to achieve strong investment growth in the Member’s early years of employment. It then progressively switches into other asset classes to reduce exposure to the stock market near retirement age. With working patterns changing and retirement ages variable, the Lifestyle strategy allows Members the freedom to access their savings anytime from age 55, in the knowledge that their investments are continually monitored and adjusted up to the age of 75.

The Lifestyle strategy aims to achieve this pattern by moving through three funds with reducing risk levels. The funds are made up of a blend of asset classes, including stocks and shares, corporate and government bonds, and property. These blends are designed by Crystal and managed by Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM). These funds are given an implicit ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) score of at least 50%, using LGIM’s Future World (FW) Range.

The chart outlines the overall strategy, reflective of an individual’s period of saving.

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Opal is designed for Members who have not made firm decisions about how they want to use their Retirement Savings and need a suitable fund to protect them.

This fund is invested in a mix of assets which offer the potential for low growth to protect income against inflation. This mix of assets spreads the risk across a number of investment classes and aims to protect your Retirement Savings against fluctuating markets.

You are not permitted to take regular payments out of Opal and must switch your savings to one of our other drawdown options should you wish to begin receiving regular payouts whilst in drawdown.

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