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Discover Crystal

Evolve’s Crystal is an industry-leading Master Trust having relationships with over 1,500 Employers in our scheme and relationships with a range of advisers and consultants.

Crystal is an authorised Defined Contribution Master Trust overseen by an independent Trustee and strategists who work diligently together to ensure that it remains the best pension solution available. Crystal is an auto-enrolment qualifying workplace pension scheme that prides itself on innovation and value for money; offering market-leading investment options in the form of our Target Date Funds, and Lifestyle Strategy as investment default funds for Employers. Our scheme is one of the largest Master Trusts by Assets Under Management in the UK and is unique in its offering to overseas employers.

Underpinning everything Crystal does is a highly skilled and dedicated team that continually ensure its systems and processes are robust, the scheme is financially sustainable and there is a continuity strategy in place that will ensure the protection of Members’ Retirement Savings.

Crystal offers:

  • Bespoke pricing packages to ensure that you and your Employees always get the best deal,
  • A highly governed pension scheme with flexibility for you and your Employees which means they can work towards the retirement they deserve, and you can be confident that every aspect of running the pension scheme is taken care of by experts,
  • Dedicated support so whether you are new to pension provision or have a complex set of historic pension arrangements to transition we will be there at every step,
  • A dedicated Client Manager to ensure that after you join, there is always someone on hand to answer any questions,
  • Support for your Employees to plan for a better retirement outcome,
  • Superb retirement benefits with its innovative range of drawdown options, ensuring your Employees are taken care of from the moment they begin saving through to receiving regular payments.

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