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75bps: Should the charge cap remain?

The Government’s introduction of workplace pensions to the market was intended not only to solve the issue of fewer companies offering lifelong pension schemes, but to tackle the troubling lack of saving habits among younger savers and those who move jobs regularly....

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Pension Scheme Guidance or Advice?

Since George Osborne’s announcement of changes to the Budget, Financial Guidance has become a buzzword circulating throughout the Pensions industry. Osborne’s claim that everyone approaching retirement would soon be entitled to free face-to-face advice was soon...

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Cybersecurity: Keeping your Pension Scheme safe

Following the latest WannaCry malware attack, cyber security and ransomware have been hot topics of conversation. The attack, which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments, hit the NHS and...

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Transitional Provisions: Making complex transition simple

With sponsoring employers increasingly looking at the pension options available to them, and some master trusts deciding to try and give it a go but not succeeding, the consolidation market is ever increasing. Here at BlueSky, our 30 years’ experience allows us to...

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The key to achieving successful Member Engagement

For some time, master trusts have been considered full of disengaged members and employers that simply want to ‘tick the compliance box’ and move away. For us here at BlueSky, this isn’t good enough, and we therefore prioritise member engagement. So, how important is...

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How do BlueSky ensure great Pension Scheme Governance?

Keeping up to date with the regulatory guidance and legislative requirements associated with running your pension scheme, whilst ensuring that you are fully compliant, can be a challenge. As conversation surrounding pension scheme governance grows, and with effective...

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BlueSky Pensions: Driven by service, not profit

Since its rebrand in 2011, and the Ltd company launch that closely followed in 2013, BlueSky Pensions has grown year on year, now providing services to a number of clients, and around 40,000 pension scheme members, covering administration, governance and consultancy....

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