Regulations are forever evolving and this continuing shift of the pensions landscape has an impact on the organisations running commercial Master Trusts . When you take into account the proposed ‘noose’ of a 50bps charge cap, the question has to be asked “What is the Future of Master Trusts?”

Many commercial Master Trusts may have been set up to gain a share of the market and create additional income by providing various pension services via an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) for example. However the increased regulation of Master Trusts is making it more expensive for companies to operate, requiring greater governance to ensure the member gets the best possible outcome.

It is vital that these types of schemes gain the necessary accreditations such as: –

  • MAF – Master Trust Framework
  • PQM – The Pension Quality Mark
  • RQM – Retirement Quality Mark

The only way for these types of schemes to be able to sustain a market presence is by requiring greater assets under management and lower opt-out rates. Without this, many schemes would run into financial difficulty.

Make sure you watch our latest video where BlueSky Pensions CEO Paul Bannister discusses the future of commercial Master Trusts and what BlueSky do to help these types of schemes to ensure maximum benefits to the member.


At BlueSky, we are seeing a rise in the number of Master Trusts needing support with the aim of providing a positive outcome for its members.

By using our years of experience, we have models that take the burden of cost and regulations away and many schemes and trustees have benefitted from the services we provide.

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