With sponsoring employers increasingly looking at the pension options available to them, and some master trusts deciding to try and give it a go but not succeeding, the consolidation market is ever increasing.

Here at BlueSky, our 30 years’ experience allows us to understand the complexities that these sponsoring employers and trustees are facing in managing their pension arrangements. We are aware that the transition process can be a complex one, and it is therefore important to us that we maintain transparency at all times throughout the process.

So, how can we make complex transition simple?

The key to ensuring a smooth transition process is making sure that all lines of communication are open. This can be via face to face meetings, telephone calls; whatever suits the client.

At BlueSky, we have an expert client services team, responsible for ensuring smooth transition for all parties involved, be it trustees of occupational pension schemes or employers with master trusts. A dedicated member of our team guarantees that our clients are communicated with and provided with support through the entire process.

Communication is sent regularly to members to ensure that they are kept up to date, and to offer the additional support that they may require. In such a rapidly moving industry where pension schemes are subject to increasing regulation, BlueSky enable you to unburden your responsibilities and transition to a provider that is renowned for professionalism and expertise in DC governance.

BlueSky manages more master trusts than any other provider in the UK. It is therefore guaranteed that your pension scheme will be run by experienced professional individuals.

Allow BlueSky to assist in making your transition simple. Watch the latest video: 

To learn more about how BlueSky can assist you, and to speak with a member of our expert team, visit www.blueskypensions.uk or call us on 01322 308 249.