Following the latest WannaCry malware attack, cyber security and ransomware have been hot topics of conversation. The attack, which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments, hit the NHS and organisations such as FedEx and Telefonica.

This just shows that no matter the size of the organisation, without the correct security protocols in place, anybody is vulnerable to an attack. Ransomware must be taken seriously by each and every organisation, with those most at risk from an attack being the day to day users themselves; your staff.

So how do we at BlueSky ensure that we, and our clients’ data, are protected from such cyber-attacks?

Previous to the recent WannaCry attack in May 2017, Microsoft released a patch. Here at BlueSky, we run regular updates, and ensure that we deploy any patches as soon as an update is released. This is key in safeguarding our systems and keeping them up to date.

Education through regular staff and IT security training is also key in preventing potential malware attacks. While educating staff on the risks and what to look out for may appear an obvious step in saving a business thousands of pounds in ransom, surprisingly, only a small number of organisations are proactive in their online security training. BlueSky are proud to be one of them.

The BlueSky team understand not to open emails if they are unsure of where they have come from, and not to click on any links if they are unsure of what it is. Our users are aware that if they are concerned, they must ask our on-site and dedicated IT department to ensure that as a company, we minimise risk at every opportunity.

Aside from ransomware, data breaches are, to us, a key element of cybersecurity. We work hard to ensure that our clients’ data cannot be accessed, or lost, with each of our devices being encrypted end to end. We disable the use of flash drives within the office at network level, and make sure that all data shared via email or FTP is also encrypted, with passwords communicated separately. If one is intercepted, a hacker cannot access the other.

Wireless networks are similarly encrypted, and wireless internet access is politely refused to visitors, avoiding risk of infection once again.

BlueSky’s pension scheme members have full access to the BlueSky Member’s Portal; a streamlined version of our pension administration database, encrypted end to end. Members are required to provide both a username and password, which they must register for. At the registration stage, a number of security questions must be answered, allowing us to make sure that our members are exactly who they say they are, and that nobody else can gain access.

Here at BlueSky, protecting our organisation and our clients is a priority. Watch the latest video to learn more about how we keep your pension scheme safe. 

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